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Hikes, even more hikes..!

With the arrived of sunny days, nature lovers will appreciate hikes and strolls.
You can spend your holiday in a pleasant green environment, with his fauna and flora. Discover Maurienne landscape and his majestic beauty.


From 1h to 9h of hiking, drop from 150m to 1750m. You can find the best hikes for your level !
Somes exemples (from the hiking of Massif Arvan-Villards Map)

Blue itinerary: Balmettes Lake (2 193m)
Departure: From the center of St Colomban des villards,  take the forest road of Fremezan with your car (open for circulate), and park at the 12th switchbacks.

During: 3 hours
Drop: 450m

Describe:  Discover a beautiful mountain lake at 2200m with this family altitude itinerary. The hike begin with a hard slope, and you will can walk into a little torrent and after, a lot of switchbacks.

Red itinerary: Bramant Lake (2533m)
Departure: Iron cross colar “Col de la Croix de fer”  (2064m). From the parking take the trail(closed for circulate with car).

During: 6 hours
Drop: 500 m

Describe: Good for watch the belledonne massive, and great view of many mountains lakes. Very easy, but  very long hike.

Maps available (to buy) :
To guide and advise for your futur hikes, differents maps are availables at buy at the Tourism office :
- Hikes of the Valley of Villards Map
- Hikes of the Massif Arvan Villards map
- IGN map

So, take your hikes shoes and let’s go !


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