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Heritage Museum


Discover the local cultural heritage with this amazing musuem !
Traditional costumes from the Vallée des Villards (mannequins, fabrics, embroidery, video presentation) exhibited in an authentic environment that is typical of the local architecture.

The sight that greets us at the end of a tortuous road on 15 August appears to be one from a lost civilisation. "It's not exactly Africa, but there's enough that remains to substantiate the tradition. The headscarves worn by the women certainly appears to derive from the turban, and the skirts - wide, heavy, thick, with elegant harmonious pleats - are reminiscent of the billowing clothes of the Arabs, which store warmth in winter and protect against the sun's rays in summer. The harsh and arduous way of life may have deformed many backs and etched lines onto foreheads; but just occasionally one meets on one's path a serene vision of the Orient, a group of young women with a supple and haughty gait".
Maurienne, terre de femmes. Daniel Déquier.

"The church was a veritable sea of shimmering colours, for each woman had dressed in her finest clothes, with scarves, handkerchiefs and aprons of every shade imaginable: reds, blues, greens, oranges, purples. Many handkerchiefs had long fringes, and there were long ribbons embroidered with rhinestones, as well as belts fastened with clasps and decorated with coloured beads."
Costumes, Moeurs et Légendes de Savoie. Estella Canziani.

Situated in a beautifully restored, traditional Villarin building, the Maison du Patrimoine houses a wonderful collection of traditional costumes, Savoyard furniture and photos, which together document the arduous lives of our ancestors. Open during the holiday season. Free admittance.

Opening hours :

- Winter 2017/2018 (on french holidays) : Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Free entrance - guided visit.

- Summer 2018 (from the 14th of July to the 29th of August) : Wednesday and Sunday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Free entrance - guided visit.

- Other seasons : on request to the Tourist Office. 6 people mini.
Entrance : 2¤ per person - guided visit.

  • Office de Tourisme de l'Espace Glandon
  • Chef-lieu - 73130 Saint Colomban des Villards
  • Phone : 04 79 56 24 53


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